Session Activities

Below are a few of the activities you will participate in at Camp Jam, our premiere program:

- Play in a band
- Write, develop, and refine songs
- Play concerts
- Learn song arranging concepts
- Record in a studio
- Make a music video (overnight and extended day programs only)
- Meet a pro touring artist/band and watch them play a private concert
- Develop individual fundamental skills
- Gain an unbridled understanding of the music industry and what it takes to succeed
- Observe educational seminars
- Develop collaborative song-writing techniques
- Play an open mic night
- Learn from top-ranked experienced professionals
- Learn on-stage performance techniques
- Improve teamwork abilities
- Improve artist and band skills
- Observe special guest speakers
-All classes
-All artists appearances and workshops
-Camp Jam Tour T-Shirt
-Private Personal Review & Analysis
-Have the greatest, most inspirational time of your life doing so!

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