Multiple Sessions

We recommend asking yourself the following question: “How much does playing music mean to my child?” If your child is a hobbyist and music is a light interest, then one session will most likely provide a sufficient experience. However, if your child has a strong passion for music, we highly recommend a multiple session stay per summer. 

All students attending multiple weeks begin their experience by attending the Weekend Rockover Program.(WRP) The WRP Program is a structured Saturday and Sunday curriculum consisting of jam sessions, ear-training, small group lessons, recreation, songwriting, recording music videos and individual practice time. There is also some much needed down time! The program begins after a brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Multi week campers have an accelerated experience as they are placed in new bands, write new songs see more concerts, workshops and much more.   Our biggest complaint is that each session seems to go by in a flash and students wish they could have stayed longer!