How will my child be supervised?

All campuses have 24-hour security and students may not leave the campus at any time. Campus security is on duty at all times. The program is structured heavily with activities from 8AM-10PM. Students are supervised and accounted for during each activity.  We implement stern rules & regulations to ensure our students are supervised and accounted for at all times. Please understand that as a professional organization, ensuring the safety and well-being of your children is our #1 priority!

Risk management is Camp Jam’s #1 priority! We choose respected college campuses to house our programs and they are toured and evaluated by our staff in advance. All campuses have security regulations and students may not leave the campus at any time. Campus security is typically available 24 hours per day. During the summer months there is reduced foot traffic on campus. Furthermore, Camp Jam is issued exclusive facilities for the program and our Staff is trained to be highly attentive to all environmental conditions. Safety rules and regulations are discussed with all attendants during orientation and clear procedures and expectations are addressed.

All overnight students will be housed in the University's dormitory. Boys and Girls will be housed in separate areas. Students will be placed in dorm rooms with other students only. Male counselors/instructors will stay on the floor to oversee the boys’ area and Female Instructors will do the same for the girls.

Our program is structured heavily with activities from 9AM-4:30pm (day-camp) 9:00am – 10:30pm (overnight and extended day) Students are supervised at all times during these activities. Each band is assigned a counselor who will work with the band to facilitate their progress throughout the week as well as monitor the wellbeing of each child. However, all Camp Jam Counselors will contribute to each child's experience. In addition, there are counselors assigned to each dorm that supervise and account for all students. Every staff member receives intensive training, which includes topics such as risk management, safety procedures, case studies, conflict-resolution training, and role-playing. For security reasons, all Staff undergo a thorough background check and are screened in an extensive, multi-phase interview process. We hire the best and that is a big reason why our program is the best!

In case of an emergency during the camp, parents of attending musicians will be provided with an emergency contact number.

During the program, bands will have a practice room where they will write, revise, and practice songs. Camp Jam Staff will be present on the floor at all times moving from room to room providing advice and facilitating the progress of the bands. All attending musicians will receive focused attention from every Staff member. Furthermore, to ensure all musicians receive maximum attention, the student-to-staff ratio will never exceed that of 8-to-1. Last summer's student-to-staff ratio was 5-to-1 at most Camp Jam locations