What are the safety precautions?

Camp Jam Summer Sessions are hosted at mainly college Universities. All Universities are chosen for their safe and secure atmosphere. During the Summer months, there is little or no foot traffic on campus. Furthermore, Camp Jam is issued exclusive facilities for the program and the Staff is highly attentive to all environmental conditions. A safety plan is discussed with all attendants during orientation and clear procedures and expectations are addressed. Campus Security is also available at all times.

The Student to Staff ratio will never exceed that of 8-1. During the program, bands will have a practice room where they will write, revise, and practice songs. Camp Jam Staff will be present on the floor at all times moving from room to room providing advice and facilitating the progress of the bands. All attending musicians will receive focused attention from every Staff member. Furthermore, to ensure all musicians receive maximum attention, the student-to-staff ratio will never exceed that of 8-to-1. Last summer's student-to-staff ratio was 5-to-1.

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