Who is Eligible?

Camp Jam is designed for beginning to advanced musicians between the ages of 11-17 who are confident, willing, and capable of working with other musicians. At Camp Jam, musicians are strategically placed in bands according to age, experience, style, interest, and ability. Musicians are welcome to attend solo, with friends, or even as a complete band. Singers and Vocalists are also welcome to attend and are a large part of the Camp Jam program. Camp Jam is currently open to the following instruments including: Vocals/Singer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, DJ, Electronics.  We accept all instruments, experience levels, and musical styles.  We suggest a minimum of 6 months experience for instrumentalists, while vocalists require no prior experience.

In addition to our programs for students ages 11-17, we also offer a Kidz camp for students ages 7-10 at our Houston Day Camp.

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